Paul Bayly is an international recovery expert. Hailing from New Zealand, Paul was the Chief Executive of the Recovery & Development Agency in the British Virgin Islands and THE Permanent Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport in Fiji. He is a retired Colonel in the New Zealand Army.

Central to Paul’s multi-dimensional career is the efficient and strategic use of resources to better people’s lives. He has honed his commercial acumen over a 30-year career which spans merchant banking, private business, and corporate advisory.

More recently, he has applied his skills in a time of environmental crisis, leading national recoveries in post-hurricane conditions.

Paul has worked on economic recovery and infrastructure on a national scale, most recently in the British Virgin Islands, as the Chief Executive of the Recovery & Development Agency, and in Fiji, as a Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport.

Paul is an experienced leader in a civilian and military environment and retired as Colonel from the New Zealand Armed Forces.